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Transforming lives through excellence in teaching, learning, and service.


Alamance Community College provides educational programs and services to prepare all members of our diverse community to succeed.


  1. Excellence – We hold ourselves to the highest expectations and are committed to meeting them with integrity.
  2. Learning – We provide high-quality educational experiences that help people gain the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values necessary to achieve their goals.
  3. Community – We promote collaboration and partnerships through respectful interactions.
  4. Equity and Inclusion – We embrace the diversity of our communities, work to ensure that each person feels a sense of belonging, and provide access to the resources people need to succeed.
  5. Innovation – We are open to change, creativity, and risk-taking that help us achieve our mission and goals.

Revised by the Board of Trustees – August 8, 2022


ACC Forward: 2022-25 Strategic Plan Priorities

Engage: ACC will engage with Alamance County communities in new and innovative ways that deepen existing partnerships and create new ones.
Learn: ACC will involve all students in innovative and inclusive formal and informal learning experiences that improve student success, prepare students for jobs, and provide a strong foundation for continued learning.
Equip: ACC will equip faculty and staff with resources and experiences that enhance their engagement, sharpen their skills, and enable them to provide exceptional teaching and service.
Grow: ACC will ensure that students, faculty, and staff have access to the resources they need to grow as healthy individuals.