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At ACC, our dedication lies in assisting you in overcoming any obstacles that may hault your educational journey. We firmly believe that your financial circumstances should not hinder your aspirations. To support you in this endeavor, a variety of financial aid avenues are accessible, ranging from grants and scholarships to loans and work-study programs, to help cover your tuition and academic-related costs.


Federal & State Grants

Grants are a type of aid that does not have to be repaid. They are generally need-based. Grants may be made on the federal and/or state level, and usually have requirements based on enrollment and residence. You can apply for most grants by completing FAFSA


Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program allows students to work for the college while earning a degree.  The work study program may be able to place you in an area where you can gain work experience in your desired field and fine tune your current skills to build your resume for future careers.



Alamance Community College has several opportunities to apply for scholarships. Whether you are a high school student, a single parent, or you are already in the workforce, chances are we can help you.