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Name Title Department Phone
Peralta, Abigail Admissions Office Assistant Student Success 336-506-4405
Simoneau, Dr. Abigail Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4206
Bridges, Adam Instructor Natural Sciences 336-506-4170
Gordon, Aimee Student Services Specialist Workforce Development 336-506-4308
Fraser, BSN, RN, Aleksey Skills Lab Instructor Nursing 336-506-4104
Braswell, Amanda Outreach Recruiter Student Success 336-506-4354
Ray, Amber Lead Instructor at UNC Cohort Dental Assisting 336-532-5046
Fleeman, Ana Executive Assistant President's Office 336-506-4100
Degette, Andrea Instructor Advertising and Graphic Design 919-245-400
Edwards, Andrea Senior Finance Specialist Business Office 336-506-4249
Rollins, Andrea CFO, Vice President of Business & Finance Business Office 336-506-4410
Davis, Angela Lead PACE Success Coach Academic Advising 336-506-4395
Snell, Ann Lead Faculty Business Administration 336-506-4215
Lewis, Ashley Lead Instructor Computer-Aided Drafting 336-506-4352
Pryer, Ashley Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator Student Success 336-506-4361
Asif, Tajuddin Instructor Accounting 336-506-4031
Williams, Aubree PACE Success Coach Academic Advising (336) 532-5027
Thornton, Barbara Controller Business Office 336-506-4010
Young, Barbara Executive Administrative Assistant Institutional Advancement 336-506-4416
Barham, Sarah Web Designer Public Information & Marketing 336-506-6150
Torres, Baron First-Year Mentor, Outreach Recruiter Student Success 336-506-4418
Pagura, Bently Instructor Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology 336-506-4191
Akukwe, Bettina Associate Vice President Corporate Education 336-506-4207
Fonville, Bill Coordinator Academic Skills Lab 336-506-4167
Davis, Bob Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4160
Ray, Brad Audio/Video Tech Learning Resource Center 336-506-4265
Arnold, Brian System Administrator Information Services 336-506-4195
Barringer, Brian Veterans Coordinator & Recruiter Student Success 336-506-4398
Cullip, Brian Adjunct Instructor Computer-Aided Drafting
Bentley, Brianna Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4236
Fox, Caleb Horticulture Lead Instructor Agricultural Sciences: Horticulture Technology 336-506-4192
Williams, Carley Admissions Office Assistant Student Success 336-506-4108
Disque, Dr. Carol Vice President of Student Success Student Development 336-506-4138
Rhode, Carolyn Vice President of Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement 336-506-4128
White, Cassie Esthetics Instructor Cosmetology 336-506-4493
Bowen, Catherine Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities
Godt, Chad Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4338
Elliott, Cheryl Instructor Nursing 336-506-4027
Murphy, Chris Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-532-5056
Remington, Christopher Instructor Air Condition, Heating, and Refrigeration, Technology 336-506-4191
Swinton, Christopher Instructor Business Administration 336-506-4223
Verdeck, Christopher Public Safety BLET Coordinator Workforce Development 336-506-4034
Vega, Dr. Clara Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4230
Vestal, Dr. Claudia Department Head English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4298
Byrd, Cody Horticulture Lab Manager Horticulture
Wolfe, Dr. Constance Executive Vice President of Student & Employee Experience Executive Vice President’s Office 336-506-4154
Lunday, Dana Instructor Medical Laboratory Technology 336-506-4197
Faulkner, Daniel Audio/Video Tech Learning Resource Center 336-532-5045
Quatrone, Daniel Lead Instructor Computer-Integrated Machining Technology 336-506-4028
Sigmon, Daniel Instructor Natural Sciences 336-506-4204
Rader, Darian PACE Success Coach Academic Advising 336-532-5036
Listopad, Darlene Department Head Nursing 336-506-4180
Hadley, Darsell Administrative Assistant, Student Support Center Student Success 336-506-4362
Battigelli, Dr. David Instructor Biotechnology 336-532-5052
Crane, David Instructor History 336-506-4295
Farnham, David Network Administrator Information Services 336-532-5048
Horgan, Dr. David Lead Instructor Work-Based Learining and Information Technology Instructor Information Technology 336-506-4229
Martin, Dawn Administrative Assistant Academic Advising 336-532-5044
Ivey, Deana Instructor Cosmetology
Covington, Demi Program Accountability Specialist Workforce Development 336-506-4219
Lloyd-Forbes, Denise Coordinator Academic Support Center 336-532-5055
Pruitt, Donna Instructor Dental Assisting 336-506-4403
Miller, Dorena Library Specialist Learning Resource Center 336-506-4132
Shaw, Duncan Student Services Manager Workforce Development 336-506-4200
Smith, Earl PC Support Specialist Information Services
van Hunnik, Dr. Eddy Instructor Biology 336-506-4355
Brehler, Elizabeth Associate Vice President, Student Success Student Success 336-506-4120
Sutton, Elizabeth Advisor Career & College Promise 336-532-5000
Williams, Elizabeth Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4272
Perel, Erik Department Head Advertising and Graphic Design 336-506-4025
Vallejos, Fabrizio Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Learning 336-506-4113
Lin, Federico Coordinator Histotechnology 336-506-4348
Logan, Gale Administrative Assistant Public Safety 336-506-4260
Nance, Garrett Shipping and Receiving Clerk/Fixed Assets Administrative Services & Facilities 336-506-4174
Umberger, Gilbert Coordinator of Student Life and Engagement Student Success 336-506-4339
Bader, Gina Career & College Promise Coordinator Career & College Promise 336-506-4237
Yount, Glenda Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4023
Shahin-Johns, Haifa Instructor Natural Sciences 336-506-4350
Fox, Haley Senior Administrative Assistant Curriculum Instruction 336-506-4262
Hardin, Sarah Director Public Information & Marketing 336-506-4178
Crabtree, Heather Senior Administrative Assistant Corporate Education 336-506-4151
Laws, Heather Department Head Cosmetology 336-506-4393
Cook, Hilary Instructor, Cosmetology Workforce Development 336-506-4391
MacKlin, Ian Instructor Culinary 336-506-4129
Johnston, Ingrid Instructor English Department
Bivins, Jaime Administrative Assistant Workforce Development 336-506-4383
Sutton, Jaime Curriculum Technician & Executive Administrative Assistant Curriculum Instruction 336-506-4336
O’Sullivan, Jame Instructor Psychology 336-506-4285
Adkins, James Department Head Computer-Aided Drafting, Computer-Integrated Machining, & Mechanical Engineering Technology 336-506-4233
Armstrong, James Director Public Safety 336-506-4202
McCormick, James Instructor Mechatronics Engineering Technology 336-506-4106
Beck, Jamie Senior Finance Specialist Business Office 336-506-4189
Mongillo-Hooker, Jamie Instructor Medical Laboratory Technology 336-506-4196
Vass, Jan Administrative Assistant Workforce Development 336-506-4316
Byrd, Janet Instructor Nurse Aide 336-506-4357
Pulley, Jason Instructor Natural Sciences 336-506-4157
Brownell, Jennifer Director, Wellness and Student Support Student Success 336-506-4146
Hamilton, Jennifer Administrative Assistant Career & College Promise 336-506-4231
Jones, Jennifer Director Information Services, Distance Learning 336-506-4115
Mock, Jennifer Director Academic and Career Readiness 336-506-4375
Rudd, Jennifer Lab Coordinator Natural Sciences 336-506-4032
Smith, Jennifer Reference Librarian Learning Resource Center 336-506-4186
Hackney, Jerry Department Head Agricultural Sciences: Animal Care & Management Technology 336-506-4385
Spolerich, Jesse Adjunct Instructor Computer-Integrated Machining
Burgess, Jimmie Success Coach, TRiO SSS Student Success 336-290-0501
Roberts, Joanna Department Head Dental Assisting 336-506-4153
Goldean, John Lead Instructor Emergency Medical Sciences
Neathery, John Instructor Sociology 336-506-4242
Rich, John Public Safety Officer Public Safety 336-506-4037
Weddle, Johnny AWESM Implementer Workforce Development 336-506-4333
Upchurch, Jonathan Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 336-570-6161
Jones, Josefvon Director Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 336-506-4289
Robertson, Joseph Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 919-563-5991
Wiggs, Julia Administrative Assistant, Clinical Coordinator Nursing 336-506-4244
Wright, Julia Instructional Support Technologist Distance Learning 336-506-4114
Moore, Julie Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 336-570-6161
Fowler, Justin Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 336-506-4173
Pedley, Justin Department Head Veterinary Medical Technology 336-506-4185
Snyder, Justin Vice President of Workforce Development & Continuing Education Workforce Development 336-506-4152
Ragsdale, Keisha Director Financial Aid 336-506-4172
Graves, Dr. Keith Instructor Business Administration 336-506-4347
Ingle, Dr. Ken President, Alamance Community College 336-506-4150
Sargent, Kevin Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4335
Mahaffey, BSN, RN, Kimberly Instructor Nursing 336-290-0145
Bradley, Kindra Grants Manager President's Office 336-506-4415
Garrison, Kirsten Coordinator of Disability Services Student Services (336) 506-4130
Yao, Kouassi Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4330
Sutherland, Kristen Single Stop Coordinator Student Success 336-506-4039
Hussey, Kristi Coordinator/Instructor Dental Assisting 336-506-4121
Allen, Lakeisha Senior Finance Specialist Business Office 336-506-4249
Gaines, Laura Instructor Computer Information Technology 336-506-4346
Farrell, Laurie Senior Finance Specialist Business Office 336-506-4119
Mason, Linda Administrative Assistant Administrative Services & Facilities/Capital Projects 336-506-4169
Smith, Linda Administrative Assistant Workforce Development 336-506-4149
Johnson, Dr. Lisa Vice President of Instruction / Chief Academic Officer Curriculum Instruction 336-506-4139
Lloyd, Lisa Administrative Assistant Emergency Medical Sciences 336-290-0514
Sarmiento Espinosa, Lorena Chief High School Equivalency Examiner College and Career Readiness 336-506-4131
Chestnutt, Lorri Assistant Director Facilities Management & Administration 336-506-4290
Guthrie, Luke Instructor Welding Technology 336-290-0541
Johnson, Maia Department Head Emergency Medical Sciences 336-290-0516
Thompson, Marcella Human Resources Specialist Human Resources 336-506-4601
Malone, Marcelle Information Technology Tech. Information Services 336-506-4007
Boswell, Margaret Curator Scott Family Collection 336-506-4203
Redding, Maria Work Study/Outreach Specialist Financial Aid 336 506-4411
Conlon, Mariel Department Head Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4332
Moser, Marsha Instructor Dental Assisting 336-506-4162
Alva, Mary Marketing & PR Tech Public Information & Marketing
Cook, Mary Instructor Psychology 336-506-4228
Morgan, Mary Department Head Natural Sciences 336-506-4275
Lewallen, Mary Instructor Welding Technology 336-290-0541
Gordon, Matt Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 336-506-4024
Tackitt, MSN, RN, Matthew Instructor Nursing 336-506-4254
Davis, Mattie Registrar's Office Assistant 336-506-4137
McCusker, Debra Department Head Computer Information Technology, Business Administration, Accounting Departments 336-506-4261
McDonald, Lindsey Graphic Designer Public Information & Marketing 336-506-4171
Vallejos, Meagan Lab Operations/Project Manager and Build Back Better (BBB) Project Liaison Biotechnology 336-506-4284
Lewis, Dr. Melanie Dean of Health & Public Services Curriculum Instruction 336-506-4135
Aguirre, Melba LEIS Data / Assessment Specialist Academic Success 336-506-4382
Holland, Melinda Instructor Natural Sciences 336-506-4259
Cook, Melissa Education Department Head Education 336-506-4118
Torain, Miasha Department Head Medical Assisting 336-506-4213
Covington, Michael Instructor Welding Technology 336-290-0540
Perry, Michael Instructor Welding Technology
Williams, Michael Instructor Criminal Justice Technology 336-506-4144
Holt, Michael Lead Instructor Welding Technology 336-506-4183
Perry, Michelle Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4400
Sabaoun, Michelle Department Head Biotechnology 336-506-4224
Graves, Mindy Instructor Healthcare Management Technology, Medical Office, and Office Administration 336-506-4014
Kotarba, Miranda Instructor Welding Technology 336-290-0542
Crawford, Mitchell Instructor Automotive Systems Technology 336-506-4271
Honeycutt, Nancy Instructor Psychology 336-506-4282
Bower, Natalie Administrative Assistant Administrative Services & Facilities 336-506-4169
Smith, Nathan Department Head Automotive Systems Technology 336-532-5043
Boudreau, Nicholas Career Education Coordinator Curriculum Instruction 336-532-5059
Garrett, Nicholas Occupational Program Coordinator Workforce Development 336-506-4301
Goble, Nicholas Instructor Advertising & Graphic Design 336-506-4024
Dunlap, Nick Instructor/Clinical Coordinator Emergency Medical Sciences 336-506-0517
Kimrey, Nicki Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4184
Rone, Nicole Human Resources Senior Specialist Human Resources 336-506-4273
Davis, Paige Instructor Medical Assisting 336-506-4257
Watson, Pamela Instructor Medical Assisting 336-506-4218
Alghali, Dr. Patricia TRIO Advisor/Wellness Counselor TRIO Services 336-290-0502
Lassi, Paula Assistant Registrar Student Success 336-506-4126
Miller, Penny Registrar Student Success 336-506-4408
Oliver, Penny Financial Aid Assistant Financial Aid 336-506-4419
Hardison, Perry Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4404
Lewis, Phydesia Director Small Business Center 336-506-4312
Upadhyaya, Dr. Ram Nursing Instructor and PN Program Lead Nursing 336-290-0147
Fecher, Rebecca Instructor History 336-506-4225
Jones, Rhonda Lead Health Science Advisor Student Success 336-506-4246
Pierce, Rhonda Department Head Nurse Aide 336-506-4253
Moriarty, Richard Instructor English Department
Barber, Rodney Lead Instructor Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology 336-506-4165
Reece, Rodney Dean of Applied Engineering Agriculture & Skilled Trades 336-506-4279
Lane, Roger Instructor English, Communications, & Humanities 336-506-4325
Roberts, Roland Department Head Mechatronics Engineering Technology 336-506-4291
Webster, Rose Director (Interim) Research & Institutional Effectiveness 336-506-4343
Holloway, Ryan PACE Success Coach Academic Advising 336-532-5039
Marcellus, Dr. Samantheo Department Head, University Transfer and ACA Business, Arts, and Science 336-506-4163
Andrews, Samuel Public Safety Specialist/BLET Workforce Development 336-506-4324
Hooks, Sandra Instructor Nurse Aide 336-506-4389
Heckler, Sara Instructor English, Communication, & Humanities 336-506-4112
Bergmann, Sarah Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4107
Thynne, Sara Director Learning Resource Center 336-506-4208
Arehart, Savannah Office Assistant Registrar's Office
Arehart, Savannah Registrar's Office Assistant Student Success 336-506-4124
Sebastian-Bautista, Selena Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 336-506-4109
Doe, Shanina Instructor Early Childhood 336-506-4021
Newlin, Shannon Information Technology Tech Information Services 336-506-4406
Guy, Shawn Director TRiO SSS Student Success 336-290-0500
Rogers, Shekitha Assistant Director Financial Aid 336-506-4248
Singer, Sherri Department Head of Social and Behavioral Sciences Social and Behavioral Sciences 336-506-4396
Smith, MA, BA, BSN, RN, Shylon Instructor Nursing 336-506-4127
McCook, Sonya Dean of Business, Arts, & Sciences Curriculum Instruction 336-506-4278
Garzon, Stephania Executive Administrative Assistant Institutional Advancement 336-506-4102
Waters, Stephanie Executive Administrative Assistant President's Office 336-506-4175
Turner, Susan Health Sciences Advisor Health and Public Services 336-506-4266
Fisher, Tabithe Instructor Nursing 336-506-4359
Qazi, Talat Senior Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 336-506-4161
Saul, Tammy Senior Administrative Assistant Student Success 336-506-4143
Grubbs, Teresa Librarian Learning Resource Center 336-506-4366
Hartman, Thomas Associate Vice President Facilities Management & Administration 336-506-4201
Wanless, Todd Department Head Culinary Arts 336-506-4129
Gudac, Tonya Instructor Agricultural Sciences: Animal Care & Management Technology 336-506-4401
Holt, Traci Department Head Criminal Justice Technology & Fire Protection Technology 336-506-4344
Smith, Tyeshia Senior Finance Specialist Business Office 336-506-4372
Harvey, Dr. Tyler Coordinator of Data, Assessment, and Transitions Studies Workforce Development 336-506-4036
Lewis, Tyshea Corporate Education Coordinator Corporate Education 336-506-4331
Fearrington, Valerie Director Human Resources 336-506-4133
Partain, Vicki Instructor Dental Assisting 336-290-0148
Rans, Victoria Director of Occupational Programs Workforce Development 336-506-4322
Young, Jonathan Staff Writer Public Information & Marketing 336-506-4122
Mathews, Zachary Instructor Mathematics, Engineering & Physical Sciences 336-506-4016

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