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ACC specializes in the development, planning, and delivery of quality educational and technical programs, services and training to Alamance County business and industry.

The program’s main purpose is to provide training services to local business and industry through two unique avenues, the Customized Training Program and Open Enrollment Courses classroom training activities. Both areas offer programs and courses designed to meet new and existing company’s specific training goals and objectives.

Customized Training Program (CTP)

Our Customized Training Program provides Alamance County New, Expanding and Existing Business and Industry funding resources and services for:

  • Job Growth
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Technology Investment

This program is a significant part of the economic development efforts of the state of North Carolina and is designed to react quickly to business needs while respecting the confidential nature of proprietary processes and information within those businesses.

If you…

  • manufacture,
  • assemble,
  • fabricate, or
  • produce

You may qualify!

Open Enrollment Courses (Occupational Extension)

Series of short-termed training courses ranging from industry-specific technical skills to the leadership, management and supervision of soft skills. Open enrollment courses are offered at our main campus location and are available to the general public for an affordable registration fee.

All course and activities provided by the Corporate & Workforce Training Program are made available through the North Carolina Department of Community College’s Customized Training Program and Business and Industry Occupational Extension training program.

Questions? Contact Us.

Bettina Akukwe
Associate Vice President, Corporate Education